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Weightless Mattress

Weightless Mattress

Weightless Mattress

Scranton, PA — What would it be like to sleep in a “weightless” environment? Presumably, fewer aches and pains in the morning. A new type of mattress offers a taste of that feeling.

Weightless Mattress

The trend in mattresses is to contour to the shape of your body, enveloping you while you sleep. But a new type of mattress from Tempur-Pedic offers a “weightless” sleeping experience.

The Weightless Mattress has a medium-soft feel with adaptive support for your body in whatever position you find comfortable for sleeping.

What’s different about this mattress is the lightly-conforming materials. They less envelope you than you feel as if you are floating on top.

Alright, you won’t feel like an astronaut. But for some sleepers, this may be the most comfortable mattress they can find.

If you’re shopping for a bed, it’s worth checking out the Weightless Mattress. It just might be the perfect bed for you.

Other Sleeping Tips

The Best Positions for Sleep 

According to, scientists have identified six basic sleeping positions:

  • Fetal – On the side, knees slightly bent.
  • Log – On the side, arms down and legs straight.
  • Yearner – On the side, arms extended.
  • Soldier – On the back, arms down.
  • Freefall – On the stomach, hands above the head.
  • Starfish – On the back, arms above the head.

Which one are you? Read more about Sleeping Positions.

Warmest Bedding for Winter

With winter coming on, this is a timely question. Flannel sheets or electric blanket? Woolen comforter, silk or polar fleece? Read all about it in Warmest Bedding for Winter.

Can I Get an Organic Mattress

Some people who suffer from allergies can actually get sick by getting into bed. Other folks just want to know what’s in the products they buy. Find out all about Organic Mattresses.

How Much Sleep Do I Need

Finally, the perennial question from college students: “how much sleep do I really need?”

Answer: probably more than you are getting.

Things are what they are, but it’s always good to know the baseline. Read How Much Sleep Do I Need.

weightless mattress

What’s Your Question

If you have a question about sleep or sleeping, bed or mattresses, futons or fold-aways, drop me an email.

I do not, however, do interpretation of dreams.

Sleep well!


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