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Tech Wearables for Sleep

Tech Wearables for Sleep

Tech Wearables for Sleep
Scranton, PA — Sometimes I wonder how many times I wake up at night or how much sleep I really get. You’ve probably heard this before, but the older you get, the more valuable sleep becomes. One of my New Year’s Resolutions was to get more sleep–it’s important for your body to rest. Especially with the cold weather we’ve had around here lately, no time spent in a warm bed could be a bad thing.

Tech Wearables – FitBit

We’ve talked about ways to make your environment more conducive to sleep, but what about some tech wearables – technology that you wear –  that might help you sleep better at night? In addition to measuring your steps, distance, and calories burned, the Fitbit Flex wireless activity and sleep wristband tracks how long and how well you sleep. Fitbit Flex even has a silent alarm called Silent Wake technology built in so that you can wake up in the morning without bothering your partner. Say goodbye to that obnoxious alarm clock.

Beddit Sleep Tracker

The Beddit Sleep Tracker has been around for about 18 months, targeted to the professional market. But Mashable reports that Beddit is coming out with a consumer smartphonbe app funded in part by Indiegogo. The Beddit device is a thin flexible strip that fits across the mattress under the sheet. Nothing to wear.

Jawbone UP

Jawbone UP is another popular system that measures your vitals with a wristband and sends the data to your smartphone. According to the manufacturer, Jawbone UP “Intelligently tracks hours slept, light vs. deep sleep and waking moments.”

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock is an iPhone app that works by placing the phone next to you in the bed. It monitors your sleep movements and wakes you during the lightest phase.

Soothing Sounds

Lots of apps produce soothing sounds to help you relax and get a better night’s sleep. Sleep Genius claims to have been developed for NASA.  Nightstand Alam Clock is a music alarm clock with weather, sleep timer and flashlight.

Audible Books

I have a friend who swears by audio books as a sleep enabler. He falls asleep to the voices of John Gielgud and Richard Burton. I’d have nightmares, but to each his own. Sleep well,


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