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Dear Dave: Sleeping Dogs Lie

Dear Dave: Sleeping Dogs Lie

Dear Dave: Sleeping Dogs Lie

Scranton, PA — Sleep has to be one of the most popular words in the English language. You could Sleep On It, Sleep Away, Sleep Over or Sleep In. 


Sleeping Dogs Lie

Let’s face it: Let Sleeping Dogs Lie is the most popular phrase about sleeping. At least in the United States. In the UK, some say Let Sleeping Dogs Lay.

Sleep On It is right up there. You can sleep on it or tell someone else to sleep on it. I’ll Sleep Like a Baby knowing that information.

Sleep Tight is in use all over the English speaking world, maybe because it rhymes with Good Night.

Are you asleep yet? You can Sleep Like a Top or Sleep Like a Log. You can Sleep with the Fishes, but that’s a whole ‘nother thing.

A drowsing leviathan is a Sleeping Giant. The deep sleeper is said to be Fast Asleep.

Peaceful dreamers are said to enjoy the Sleep of the Just. Others are Restless Sleepers. Professionally speaking, I’d recommend looking into a new mattress before jumping to any moral conclusions.

Sleep on a Clothesline is a British-ism for sleeping very soundly, perhaps in the wake of a hangover. It can also be used to indicate a tiredness so profound you could sleep anywhere – “I could sleep on a clothesline.”

If you are really tired, you can Sleep In. Maybe you’re a Heavy Sleeper. Maybe you Sleep like the Dead. It could be you’re just a Sleepy Head.

Whatever the issue, Don’t Lose Sleep Over It.

If you’re feeling a bit fatigued, just Sleep a Few Winks. This stratagem has gotten generations of college students through UPA Scranton.

You could have a Sleep Over but it’s definitely not good to Sleep Around.  When I was a kid, I went to Sleep Away Camp, but that’s different.

You need to make some changes if you Cry Yourself to Sleep too frequently. But, now and then, it’s okay.

I think I’m all done for now. Time to go home and get my Beauty Sleep.


Photo by Olaf Arndt.

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