Dear Dave: Recliner Or Adjustable Bed?

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Dear Dave: Recliner Or Adjustable Bed?


Scranton, PA – Do you have a spouse who spends half the night asleep in the recliner? That’s the vexing problem we confront in this issue of Dear Dave.

Dear Dave,

My husband constantly falls asleep while sitting in his recliner while watching T.V. or reading the newspaper. He says that it is more comfortable to sleep there than in our bed. This got me thinking. We are ready for a new mattress and I was wondering about those adjustable beds? That way, he can fall asleep watching his T.V. and I can fall asleep reading and hopefully be more comfortable too.


Reclining Rita


Dear Rita,

Adjustable mattresses have been around for a long time. The many improvements made to these beds over the years make them a fantastic choice and here’s why. A regular bed is a flat surface and yet our bodies are made up of curves. A flat surface does not provide the necessary support for these various curves especially the lumbar, neck and leg regions.

The adjustable bases allow you to put your body in a more natural position for sleep. That’s probably why your husband prefers sleeping in his recliner.

In studies conducted on astronauts sleeping in zero gravity environments, it was discovered that they slept with their heads slightly elevated for easier breathing and their knees were naturally bent to take pressure off the lower back which allows for increased circulation. Only an adjustable bed can reproduce this natural position for better sleep. This position also allows for better circulation, easier breathing, increased blood flow to the heart, and an overall reduction of aches and pains.

Some of the many options include bed size, material, wired or wireless controls, massage and more. Let’s pick the one that fits best for both you and your husband.  Come on by and try a few out. Just don’t let your husband fall asleep in the store!

Pleasant dreams,


Dave E. McCord
The Better Sleep Store
Scranton, PA


Photo by Haley J.

Dave E. McCord
Dave E. McCord
Dave E. McCord is a therapist who lives in Australia. He is known for his deep expertise in the field and his broad research on relevant topic. He loves sharing his knowledge to help other people get over their mental problems.

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