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Dear Dave: My Office, My Guest Room

Dear Dave: My Office, My Guest Room


Scranton, PA – Today,  Dear Dave answers  a question about an overcrowded office that needs to accomodate a little sleeping space. Futon or sofa bed? What’s the trade off?

Dear Dave,

I recently got married and my husband and I are hosting his parents for Christmas this year (oh, joy!). We live in a small 2 bedroom town house. I work from home and our second bedroom is my office. This would also have to be our guest room.

We talked about getting a sleeper sofa for our “guests” to sleep on, but they are awfully expensive. I am also worried about my in-laws being comfortable.

Do you think we should invest in a sleeper sofa or go with a more economical Futon bed?

Thanks for your help,

Two 4 One


Dear Two 4 One,

A traditional sofa sleeper looks like a standard couch. To sleep on it you need to remove the seat cushions and pull out the mattress which is attached to a metal frame. The mattress, by design, is usually thinner than a standard mattress and the “bar in the back” syndrome is apparent for anyone trying to sleep on it.

A Futon sofa sleeper simply converts from a bed to a couch and back again with a simple conversion scheme built into the frame itself. You both sit and sleep on the same cushioning.

Here are several different reasons that a futon sofa sleeper may be your best bet:

– A traditional sofa sleeper has seat cushions and a foldable mattress which have a comfort level that is fixed by the manufacturer. You get what they have.
– A futon sofa sleeper allows you to choose the comfort level you want because you choose the mattress you want. Hard, firm, soft, cushy.
– A futon sofa sleeper allows you to choose a cover and then change it if you want to change your decor.
– A futon can save you $100 to $900 over a traditional sleeper sofa.

Also, seeing that you are in your first place, moving a traditional sofa sleeper is a major chore. They weigh in at about 175 lbs. or more and getting them through a standard doorway or up a stairwell is tricky. A futon sofa sleeper usually is assembled on site and is much lighter and easier to move.

Come on by and we can pick one out that best goes with your needs and decor.

Pleasant dreams,

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The Better Sleep Store
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