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Dear Dave: My Husband Tosses and Turns like a Cement Mixer

Dear Dave: My Husband Tosses and Turns like a Cement Mixer


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Scranton, PA – Within moments of publishing our first Dear Dave column, we received this via email from Phyllis in Scranton:

Dear Dave,

Your column hit the nail on the head: my husband does indeed roll around in bed like a cement mixer.

Am I too sensitive? Or is there a way for me to get a better night’s sleep?

It’s gotten so bad I dream I’m pouring the foundation of a skyscraper on Franklin Street. Please help.

Scranton, PA


Dear Phyllis,

It’s stories like these that break my heart. Save your marriage and reclaim your dreams with a proper mattress.

You see, your husband’s nocturnal rotations shouldn’t disturb your sleep. Modern mattresses absorb the disturbance when your partner rolls over.

In fact, we sell special Low-Partner Disturbance mattresses. These fine products are tuned to adapt to different sleeping styles.

Don’t lose another night’s sleep, Phyllis. Grab your husband and come on down to The Better Sleep Store in Scranton or Durham. Let someone else pour the cement.

Best regards,

Dave E. McCord
The Better Sleep Store
Scranton, PA

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