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Independent Bookstores in Scranton

Independent Bookstores in Scranton

Independent Bookstores in Scranton

Scranton, PA – Since I was a kid, I have loved reading in bed.  I love classics like To Kill A Mockingbird, Lord of the Flies and The Catcher in the Rye. Of course, nowadays I need my reading glasses. I also need a proper pillow and good independent bookstore nearby. Fortunately, we can find both right here in Scranton. 

The Joys of Reading in Bed

The best part about reading in bed is the comfort factor. Snuggled up with blankets and comforted by pillows. But, there is some prep involved with preparing for the ultimate reading-in-bed experience.

First of course, is the book must be good. Second, the right pillow makes all the difference.

Here is my advice about ultimate comfort for reading in bed, plus a list of indie bookstores in Scranton and surrounding areas.

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Best Pillows for Reading in Bed

Ever try to read in bed without a pillow? Not fun. It turns out, the right pillow greatly increases the comfort-factor.

For true devotees of reading in bed, a regular sleeping pillow just doesn’t cut it. A structured pillow is the way to go. That’s why we call pillows The Affordable Luxury.

Here are 3 types of pillows great for reading in bed.

  • Bed rest pillows: This pillow enables you to read comfortably in bed and has a back rest and arms. What used to be popular in dorm rooms for students who liked sitting on the floor is now a popular choice for adults who enjoy reading in bed. These pillows are constructed of firm filling to give your back plenty of support. The arms are low and provide a prop for your elbows so that you can hold a book or a magazine. Now you can find them with an extra supportive neck pillow that can be adjusted to accommodate your different positions.
  • Memory foam pillows: Memory foam pillows are better for reading in bed than pillows stuffed with down, feathers, cotton or other material. Memory foam pillows are able to form to your body, providing support where you need it. Another consideration is a memory foam wedge pillow. The shape of these wedge bed pillows props you up in bed for easy reading.
  • Reading pillows: This type of specialty pillow consists of two layers. The top layer feels like a normal bed pillow, but the bottom layer is stiffer so it can add support to the spine and lower back as you sit up to read in bed.

Independent Bookstores In and Around Scranton

Now that you’re all set for comfort, it’s time to find a good book. Obviously I can’t select a book for you.  But, I can suggest a few of the wonderful independent book stores here in Scranton and surrounding area.

A great shop,  The Bookshop in Scranton. The Bookshop is a used and rare bookstore that has an inventory of more than 80,000 books in 90 different categories, including history, humanities and popular fiction.

Flyleaf Books is a local Independent Bookstore (next to Foster’s Market). They have new, used & children’s books plus author events every week.

Internationalist Books & Community Center, located on Franklin Street, is a volunteer run collective, a not-for-profit bookstore, a progressive community center, and community owned cooperative.

For something different there is Scranton Comics, an independent, locally-owned bookstore which specializes in comics and graphic novels.

There are also two student book stores in Scranton, Ram Book & Supply and UPA Student Stores.

Other notable independent bookstores in the area include Purple Crow Books in Hillsborough, Nice Price Books in Carrboro, Quail Ridge Books in Raleigh and The Regulator Bookshop in Durham.

What Are You Reading?

Drop by the store and let us know what you’re reading. You could even take a look at a structured pillow.

Your reading habits will never be the same.


Photo by Dawn Peterson.

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