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Essential Oils For Relaxation And Better Sleep

Many people struggle with sleep; hence individuals try to come up with solutions as sleep is an essential part of human life. Some do not sleep for the 7-8 hours; others cannot sleep at all, and as a result, people are dealing with irregular sleep patterns and some with insomnia. Others also have problems with loud snoring. But there is a solution to all of these sleep-related problems. The answer is essential oils. The good thing about essential oils is that they are organic and natural, meaning that they are packed with a lot of unprocessed benefits. The process of obtaining the oils is done in a way that the plant it is gotten from is intact. Several experts have concluded that aromatherapy is a treatment for a sleep disorder.


How to obtain essential oils

As we have seen, the oils are gotten from plants without destroying the plant itself. The oils can be extracted from different parts of a plant, from the leaves to roots to stems. The oils do not undergo any chemical processing, and that is why they are beloved by a lot of people.

How to use essential oils

The fact that the oils are natural does not mean that they cannot have some side effects if used in the wrong way. Therefore, it is essential to learn about oil and its implications before applying it. Some of the essential oils are very strong and can cause allergic reactions to your skin. And as we all understand, the skin is an essential organ of the body, especially in terms of the first protection mechanism. That is why before indulging in oil, have a test of your own. Apply a small amount of the oil on the part of the skin that is sensitive and wait it out for a day. If you have not had any allergic reaction, then you might consider the oil. Ou can use the oils in various ways;

  • Drops in bathwaterIf you want to get the full experience of the power of essential oils, you can add drops of the oil you want to our bathwater before you go to bed. The aromatherapy will calm your nerves and relax you as you soak for an hour. This can work well too more than you can imagine, and the results won’t disappoint at all.
  • Steam yourselfYou can add some drops of the oil into a bucket with hot water. Then pick up your towel and soak up the steam from the bucket while blocking vapor from escaping with the cloth.

Use as air freshener

Add the essential oil to your air freshener and buy a diffuser that will release small amounts of the oil into the atmosphere. This can stimulate sleep as the oil will be circulating in the enclosed environment or room where one sleeps.

  • Rub oil to your bodyThis is after you determine that the oil does not cause harm to the skin. You can rub it on the writs or neck. A place on the body with thin skin, because you want the oil to penetrate the bloodstream for maximum absorption. Ensure that the contents are also what you can use as some be allergic to some components hence the deep check and keenness required.


History of the use of essential oils

People started essential oils long before our great grandparents were even born. People in ancient Greece and Egypt used the oils to help in sleep and relief stress and anxiety. The art of aromatherapy was done in the past and is still being conducted in the present.

Now that we have done an introduction of what essential oils and the art of aromatherapy is, we can look at some of the oils that make it all possible.

In addition, essential oils are also effective in the treatment of Psoriasis, more detail on Caringprograms

6 Essential Oils For Relaxation And Better Sleep

Lavender oil

Lavender oil is by far the most popular essential oil. It has several uses from pain relief to a stress reliever. The scent released by lavender is sweet and immediately enters the brain giving a sense of relaxation. It is also a pain reliever for small children. The soothing scent quickly makes people feel sleepy and therefore is perfect for people with insomnia. It is the most recommended oil.

Chamomile oil

A lot of people use chamomile tea to help them sleep. But you also can use the oil the substitute. It cures insomnia. Chamomile has properties that make it reduce a person’s anxiety which then causes a person to feel sleepy.

Peppermint oil

If you struggle with snoring, people always telling you that you snore at night and that they cannot sleep, then peppermint oil is what you need.

Bergamot oil

Bergamot is part of the citric family. It has properties that are different from the other citrus fruits. It has features that reduce the heart’s beating rate and calm your nerves which will eventually lead to you feeling sleepy.

Sandalwood oil

Sandalwood is an everyday essential oil. People love it because of the scent it gives out. The smell of the earth. The picture that you are in a forest and finally breathe in that fresh, natural air. The scent is a sedative that will make someone fall asleep.

Jasmine oil

The components of Jasmine have almost the same makeup as the drugs people take to make them fall asleep easier. Therefore, Jasmine is an essential oil for sleep.

What makes you fall asleep?

The human brains associate smells with feelings. It is similar to when you feel something and remembers a time when you associate the scent too, that also happens to the brain when it comes to these oils. The brain is able to integrate the trigger in form of smell to induce sleep. The mind is told to relax, and that is what it exactly does. Most of the essential oils are sedatives that automatically relaxes the brain. The scent sends signals to the mind and therefore makes a person fall asleep more comfortable and faster.

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