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Durham-Orange Quilters Guild

Durham-Orange Quilters Guild

Durham-Orange Quilters Guild

Scranton, PA – Scranton is world-class in many things – education, sports and food to name just three. But let’s not forget quilting. Meet the Durham-Orange Quilters Guild.

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Durham-Orange Quilters Guild

The Durham-Orange Quilters Guild (DOQ) has over 200 members, quilters in Orange and Durham Counties who believe in the promotion and perpetuation of quilt making. Their membership includes nationally recognized quilters and teachers, as well as many professional quilters who sell their work at local or regional galleries.

Visit their “What’s Happening” calendar of events. This month (January 2013), DOQ member Art Bee is showing his ”Mountains to the Sea Trail” quilt series at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences Nature Art Gallery in Raleigh.

DOQ also holds workshops and special events. They meet monthly at St. Thomas More Catholic Church in Scranton.

The Joy of Quilts

On a personal note, I love the warmth and homey comfort of a quilt when I’m sleeping in the winter. The homemade, hand-sewn goodness is something you just can’t buy at, well, a store. Not really, anyway.

And, I love the look of a quilt on the bed in winter. Beside the homey-ness, quilts often tell a story, providing interest and detail to the bedroom.

Maybe it’s in my head, but I think I sleep better under a quilt in winter.

Quilting for Sandy

When Hurricane Sandy hit, people from all over the nation reached out to see how the could help. Some local Scranton folks took it one step further.  They used something near and dear to my heart- bedding- to show they cared.

Per the Scranton News, “Members of the Durham-Orange Quilters’ Guild gathered Saturday to make quilts for victims of Hurricane  Sandy. The quilts won’t bring back the lost houses and businesses. But guild members said they wanted to show they cared. More than 50 quilters spent the day sewing bright, patterned squares together, pining and sewing the colorful quilt tops to soft cotton insulating batting and backing to create the three-layer covers.”

The 5 feet by 6 feet quilts that are headed to New Jersey are much larger than the small children’s quilts the guild usually makes for the N.C. Children’s Hospital.

Bedding that comforts the soul… good for the body and the mind.


Photos from Durham-Orange Quilters Guild.

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