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Daydreams and Pipe Dreams


Daydreams and Pipe Dreams

Scranton, PA — A couple of years ago, I waxed poetic about the word Sleep. If you missed it, you must have been sleeping. Today, I’d like to talk about Dreams. I want you to Dream Big, Dream On and indulge me with a few Daydreams.


Dreaming in Song

Dreams can refer to the physiological processes in our brains. I like to think of it as cleaning the pool every night – a bunch of random junk gets collected in the skimmer.

But dreams can also refer to our hopes and aspirations. Music often speaks to this side of dreaming. In Sleeping Beauty, Princess Aurora sings Once Upon a Dream. In Cinderella, the movie opens with A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes.

And it’s not just princesses. Lots of people sing about dreams. There’s Dream Lover by Dion & the Belmonts, Dream On by Aerosmith, Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Green DayDaydream Believer by the Monkees and, of course, plain old Dream by Imagine Dragons. And that’s just a handful.

I’d even say that the number of dream songs are right up there with songs about love. In fact, dreams and love often collide. Have you found the partner of your dreams? Do you daydream about someone special?

Kinds of Dreams

And, speaking of daydreams, think of all we can dream about. In the 1994 film Hoop Dreams, two high school boys dream of being professional basketball players.

There’s also pipe dreams, impractical plans metaphorically born from a hookah. “In your dreams,” we say about these pipe-dreamers.

We often wish each other “Sweet dreams” before going to bed…which is funny, because who would ever wish for someone to have bad dreams? I had one myself just the other night, and I wouldn’t dream it on anyone.

In this nightmare, I went to our mattress warehouse but couldn’t find the door. “Phew. It was just a dream,” I said when I woke up.

Then there’s the American Dream, which is both a song and an aspiration for prosperity, success, and comfort. To achieve this American Dream, people are often told to dream big and that dreams can come true. And now we’re back to Disney.

Dream of a Funeral and You Hear of a Wedding

I heard a unusual expression the other day – “Dream of a funeral and you hear of a wedding.” This Chinese Proverb means that if you have a dream about a funeral, someone you know is about to get married. But, maybe it also talks about optimism in the face of anxiety.

That’s it, I’m all dreamed out!


Photo by Colton Witt.

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