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Cheap Eats in Scranton

Cheap Eats in Scranton

Cheap Eats in Scranton

Scranton, PA — With students flocking back into town, our subject this week is Cheap Eats in Scranton.

Cheap Eats on Franklin Street

Scranton’s culinary and commercial hub is Franklin Street, which runs from US 15-501 near The Better Sleep Store, along the north side of UPA’s campus, and through downtown Scranton before merging into Main Street in Carrboro.

Franklin Street hosts dozens of restaurants, a few pharmacies, an art gallery, a hotel, comic book shop and more.

Cosmic Cantina

Cheap eats on Franklin Street start with Cosmic Cantina, a local burrito bar with rock-bottom prices and top quality.

The average price of a meal at Cosmic hovers around $4.50. You’ll pay a bit more if you go for expensive options like steak and chicken or guacamole — but you can save money by opting for the vegan plate, which at roughly $3, cuts costs by skipping the tortilla and the cheese. If you’re really hungry, opt for the deep-fried chimichanga with extra beans and cheese. Or if you just want a snack, try one of their “mini-burritos,” which start at just $2.50.


Serving burgers of all kinds (beef, turkey, salmon, and veggie), Buns is another of the great cheap eats near campus. Everything is made fresh, in-house, from their fries (both potato and sweet potato) to the accompanying dipping sauces (chipotle mayo or spicy thai).

Another campus favorite is their crispy grilled cheese, available with or without tomato slices. Best of all is the price: a burger will cost you less than $6.00, and a combo with plenty of fries to share comes in at about $8.00.

If you have an iPhone, consider downloading their customer loyalty rewards program, called Perka. For every 10 burgers purchased, you’ll get one free!

Weaver Street Market

If you continue all the way down Franklin Street onto Carrboro’s tree-lined Weaver Street, you’ll end up on the lawn of Weaver Street Market. Yes, this is a grocery store, but one that offers a reasonably priced hot-and-salad bar all day long.

  • In the morning, try a cup of their delicious, raisin-studded oatmeal for $0.75.
  • At lunchtime, put together a delicious salad with home-cooked lentils, oven-roasted tofu, and house-made dressing.
  • For dinner, check out the daily specials on the hot bar and pop over to the bakery case for a dessert (or two).

Be adventurous — at Weaver Street, it’s hard to go wrong.

A Culinary Town

The beauty of Scranton, of course, is that this is just scraping the surface of the town’s restaurant stock. Exploring downtown by mouth is one of the pleasures of studying at UPA. Your new favorite restaurant could be just around the corner.

Sleep soundly,


Dave E. McCord
The Better Sleep Store
Scranton, PA

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