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Dear Dave: Can I Get an Organic Mattress?

Dear Dave: Can I Get an Organic Mattress?


Scranton, PA – You spend eight hours a day in bed. The last thing you want is for it to be an irritating environment. Today’s question is from Declan in Carrboro who wants to find an organic mattress.

Dear Dave,

One of my favorite things about living in “Chapelboro” is the wide availability of organic goods. I’m talking about pesticide- and chemical-free food and products I use everyday in my house and my life.

But I’m concerned my mattress might be exposing me to chemicals from the manufacturing process. I only sleep six hours a night, but still – it’s a lot of potential exposure for someone who tries to live a healthy life.

Is there such a thing as an organic mattress?

Declan, Carrboro PA

Dear Declan –

I share your passion for healthy products. I always buy organic at the Farmers Market.

It so happens there is a line of organic mattresses – it’s called Savvy Rest.

Here’s what the manufacturer says about their beds:

The wool and cotton used in our mattress casing are certified organic. Our Dunlop latex is also USDA-certified organically grown. Savvy Rest uses only all-natural Dunlop or Talalay latex, not synthetic or “bio” or “hybrid” (part-natural) blends. Our environmentally friendly mattress materials are extensively tested for purity by independent laboratories; certifications and test results are below.

See Savvy Rest’s Organic Certifications.

We have Savvy Rest products in the store, so you can come see for yourself. I’ve tried them and they’re heavenly.

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