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Best Position for Sleep

Best Position for Sleep

Best Position for Sleep

Scranton, PA – Some people sleep on their side. Others sleep on their back. Does it matter? What’s the best position for sleep? That’s a question we actually get a lot at the store. 


The Six Sleeping Positions

According to, scientists have identified six basic sleeping positions:

  • Fetal – On the side, knees slightly bent.
  • Log – On the side, arms down and legs straight.
  • Yearner – On the side, arms extended.
  • Soldier – On the back, arms down.
  • Freefall – On the stomach, hands above the head.
  • Starfish – On the back, arms above the head.

Which one are you?

Who Sleeps How?

One of our customers is a data journalist. He helped us make an infographic of sleeping positions.

Best Position for Sleep

Studies show fetal position is the best for a good night’s sleep. Women are twice as likely to rest like this and it is listed as the most common position.

Best Position for Back Pain

Everyone’s situation is different, but complaints about back pain and sleeping are common.

Once again, fetal is the best choice. Many sleep specialists recommend putting a pillow between the legs to take pressure off the back. Try it – it works!

Sleeping on your side is definitely recommended for people who suffer back or hip pain or women who are pregnant.

Sleeping on your back is definitely not recommended for people with back pain. If you really can’t sleep except on your back, you might try putting a soft pillow or rolled up towel behind your knees to raise the legs slightly and encourage the natural curve of the spine.

Sleep Apnea

If you prefer to sleep on your back, be careful as it may actually induce episodes of apnea which interfere with normal sleep and restfulness.

Sleeping on Your Stomach

Sleep professionals have a bad opinion of sleeping on your stomach as it causes strain on your lower back and possible neck pain. People who sleep on their stomach report increased restlessness caused by frequent tossing and turning in an effort to get comfortable.

If you do sleep on your stomach use an extremely soft pillow or none at all so as not to put your neck at an awkward angle. For those with sleep problems to begin with, it’s best not to sleep on your stomach.

Getting the Best Night’s Sleep

Sleep is so simple. We just close our eyes and sleep. It requires no special skills or entry fees. It’s a restful joy that’s available to everyone every night.

Yet sleep is also incredibly complex. Proper conditions – a dark, quiet place, proper pillow and mattress, relaxed frame of mind – are all important.

I hope this short survey of sleeping positions helps you find bliss in your own bed every night.

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