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Beautyrest: Recharge Yourself

Beautyrest: Recharge Yourself

Beautyrest: Recharge Yourself

Scranton, PA – I recharge my cell phone, my laptop, my smoke alarms and dozens of other things in my life. Sometimes I just wish I could recharge myself.

Recharge yourself – that’s the idea behind the new mattress from BeautyRest. I have tried this new mattress and and it is seriously like a human recharger. I would describe it as extraordinarily restful.

The secret is the Air-Cool Memory Foam on top of Pocket Coil technology. The combination works to help you get the proper sleeping posture – everything lined-up and relaxed, no matter what position you choose. It’s hard to describe just how very comfortable you feel. Come in and try it and you’ll be a believer like me.


Video: BeautyRest “Half Awake”

The theme of the thirty-second video is Why Go Through Life Half-Awake? You may have seen this spot on TV.

We thought we’d run it here because it does a good job of explaining the new mattress technology. And, it’s darn amusing.

Try It Out

Drop by the The Better Sleep Store on Fordham Blvd. in Scranton and check out a few mattresses. Then try out the Human Recharge System from BeautyRest.

We’ll throw a blanket over you and turn out the lights if you collapse in utter bliss.

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