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Dear Dave: Allergic To My Bed

Dear Dave: Allergic To My Bed


Scranton, PA – Are you an allergy sufferer? Ever think you might be allergic to your bed or mattress? If so, this question from Weezy may be of interest to you.

Dear Dave,

Over the years I have developed horrible allergies and now I think I’m allergic to my bed! After a visit to my allergist, I found out that I have a severe allergy to dust mites. I know that they are everywhere, but can especially build-up in a mattress. I wake up every morning with a snuffed-up nose and swollen eyes. I am due for a new mattress and would like to know what types are best for allergy sufferers.

Thank you for your help!

Fondly, Weezy

Dear Weezy,

Dust mite allergies are common. The best way to minimize these allergies is to limit your exposure to dust mites. Easier said than done, right? One major way is to change your mattress to one that is made for allergy sufferers.

This is a bit nasty, but, it’s actually not the dust mites causing your symptoms, but rather dust mite feces that cause allergic reactions in bed. The dust that accumulates in a coil mattress is contaminated with dust mite feces. Yuck!


Inner Spring Mattresses

Coil and Spring mattresses are the least favorable for allergy sufferers because of their inner spring system. The inner cavity of coil mattresses creates an incubator for dust mites where dust mite feces and dead skin cells accumulate. Have you ever heard that a mattress can weigh twice it’s original weight after ten years? This accumulation of skin cells and dust mite feces is why.

Pillow Tops or Quilted Tops attract dust mites as well. With light, loose padding, these soft tops can also provide an ideal environment for dust mites to thrive in.

Latex Mattresses – Best for Allergy Sufferers

A solid memory foam mattresses or latex mattresses are by far the best mattresses for allergy sufferers. Because the core of these types of mattresses is not hollow, there is no incubator, no areas for dust mites to thrive in and no open cavity for the accumulation of allergens.

If you suffer from dust mites allergies or respiratory illnesses then purchasing a latex mattress may be the best thing to help you breathe easier.

Hypo-Allergenic and Anti-Microbial

A latex mattress will provide allergy relief from dust mites but can also provide relief from mold, mildew and fungus growth. Since latex is naturally hypo-allergenic and anti-microbial, these mattresses are made specifically to protect against these types of allergens and help prevent the unwanted allergic reactions and symptoms.

Here are two brands of Latex Mattresses we carry at The Better Sleep Store. Savvy Rest organic mattresses are made of natural Dunlop or Talalay latex rubber, with durable casings of certified organic wool and certified organic cotton. Pure Latex Bliss mattresses are naturally hypoallergenic and made of natural Talalay latex rubber.

Come on by and together we will find the right mattress to keep you allergy free during the 8 hours you spend in bed each night.


Dave E. McCord
The Better Sleep Store
Scranton, PA

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